We have added three methods for the Indian as well as other users.

For UPI Payment (Not for mobile users)

  1. UPI Option Recommended for Indian Buyers
  2. For UPI payment open page on the computer browser and select payment through UPI option (It will not work on mobile)
  3. Take your mobile open googlepe, phonepe, paytm etc.
  4. Scan the QR code and make the payment.
  5. Now click on proceed and type 12 digit transaction id, UTR for phonepe users etc.
  6. That’s it, now wait till 1 hour so we can manually verify your purchase against your transaction id or UTR that you have submitted.

For Auto Verification Use Razorpay or Paypal (It will work on mobile as well as computer)

What If UPI payment failed on mobile through direct link?

Note that,, direct link of UPI will automatically takes you to payment provider but for the security reason, NPCI has stopped this type of method. It will show you security message on the payment page (PhonePe, GooglePe etc.)

To avoid this, open the page on the computer and make the payment through UPI so that you can scan the QR code through mobile and make the payment easily.

What If you don’t have computer?

Don’t worry, at the time of payment through UPI, you will see our merchant ID on the mobile screen. Copy that and manually make the payment by adding exact money of the particular tool.

Do I have to Pay taxes through RazorPay?

No, we don’t have added taxation, till you don’t need to pay any GST etc.

If I don’t have to wait for manual verification?

RazorPay and Paypal works on mobile as well computer, so if you don’t have patience then you can use RazorPay or Paypal it will verify your purchase automatically.

For any other query ask on support@bankaddress.in 

Use Messenger chat for live support before or after purchase.